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Let me just start off by saying Hawaiian Airline’s new menu is DA BOMB. Usually, I’m not one to overhype – perhaps it was the 10-plus-hours in the air and intermittent bouts of turbulence that made a hot meal seem like a godsend; but they sure did shed new light on the ever-dreaded airplane “food” we’ve all grown to tolerate. Surprisingly, my meal actually had taste!

Hawaiian Air’s new menu is almost as good as the food you’ll get on your Hawaii vacation.

We were caught by surprise when the flight attendants came by with a cart of (complimentary) food. It seems every other airline I’ve been on either charges for food or doesn’t serve it at all. But in the true Hawaiian fashion, no one leaves hungry – not even when they’re flying miles high.

The new menu makes an effort to showcase the persity and flavors of the Hawaiian culture by offering local meals and snacks on all international and domestic flights. I’m not talking mini sandwiches but rather, what some might consider fine dining while flying. On the way to Australia, we had yellow chicken curry with steamed rice and pineapple, salad, tiramisu (?!) and macadamia nut shortbread cookies. Of course, the curry can’t compare to local eats like, Champa Thai, but it was definitely tasty and had a decent amount of veggies and chicken. And who wouldn’t enjoy every delicious morsel of tiramisu? It made us Economy passengers feel extra special, for sure! LOL.

Grilled prawns and fusilli pasta on an airplane?

On the way back to Hawaii, they served Hawaiian barbecue chicken with tomato and mango salsa, steamed rice, edamame and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. I can’t even remember the last time I stepped off a plane and felt so full and so satisfied. In addition to the main meal offered, passengers receive a second “snack,” as they call it, a few hours before landing. I’d say it was more like a second meal for me – turkey croissant sandwiches and for the morning snack, yogurt with muesli, apples, a muffin and a croissant.

The complimentary in-flight menu varies depending on where you’re headed. But all are prepared by well-known local chef, Chai Chaowasaree. He’s even come up with Hawaiian Airline’s version of a loco moco, which includes a grilled hamburger patty, steamed rice, brown gravy and fried eggs.

Photo Credit: Hawaiian Airlines

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