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“Aloha kakahiaka, means good morning to you!”

That’s a verse from a sweet morning melody many of us learned while growing up in Hawaii. And I thought it’d be the perfect way to help our readers remember this beautiful Hawaiian way of saying, “good morning!”

Because I’m not about to sing it, this video should give you an idea of how the verse goes. Plus, the little girl named Riley is so darn cute! I nearly died watching it. Check it out, straight from a Hawaii preschooler:

Doesn’t that brighten your day? Just saying it sounds pleasant and will always bring some morning sunshine to those you encounter. It’s like a bowl of cereal and milk or a cup of coffee that help get you going each and every day.

Now say it with me, “aloha” (UH-low-HA) “kakahiaka” (kuh-kah-HEE-AH-kuh). Practice makes perfect, so make sure to greet everyone you see today with the Hawaiian way of saying, “good morning.” That way, when you come to Hawaii, you’ll fit right in!Photo Credit: Noa Myers


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