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Good morning Ashley, Everything has been wonderful, Thank you to you and Lisa for making this a wonderful experience. Looking forward to our limo ride to the airport but wish we could stay longer. ALOHA Connie

Abby, WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!  We can’t say enough about the "Pride of America" people. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was so professional, friendly and helpful, especially Robb Mittner, our concierge. There was not one thing about the cruise that disappointed us or didn’t meet our expectations.  Thank you so much, Abby, for all your efforts on our behalf. Everything went so smoothly….it just made our anniversary trip so special! Anyone we know who might be going to Hawaii will get a resounding endorsement of you and your company from both of us. Sincerely, Sandy Helsen

Abby, what a great time we had!!! It was a blast. I would love to go back but I don’t think I can get my husband to fly again. The luau was fun and our Pearl Harbor/ Honolulu tour was amazing. Our tour guides were awesome. They were funny and very knowledgeable about Hawaii. Everything went smooth. In fact, you did a great job of preparing us and answering questions we had. I have friends that are thinking about going and I will pass your information on to them If that is ok. Thanks again for everything.~~ Stephanie ~~

Abby, The place is Paradise. We had a very nice time. Food was very good, did not have a bad meal. Thanks for everything you have done. Not sure when will be back, but I am sure it will be within 2 years. We will definitely book with you when we decide when we are going. Keep in touch Aloha, Rich

Aloha Kalei: I wanted to thank you for 7 wonderful, relaxing days in Hawaii. Your suggestion of The Outriggers on the Reef was perfect for us. The next time we decided we want to get a full ocean front suite, so we will have to plan ahead. We met a local who took us on a personal tour of the islands and we saw a lot more than if we would have taken the Grand Isle or Circle tour and for much less I might add. We took everything wiki wiki (that means slow right?) and easy. The one problem we had is occuring back at home, trying to re-adjust to our normal time…we sleeping much longer. lol Mahalo! Carolyn and Michael Belcher Thriving and Flourishing

Hi Abby, My parents just got back from their trip! They said they will never forget it and it words can’t explain how great it was! They did an excursion on every island. Not the ones I wanted but when I go I will do the ones I chose. Oh and my dad won 2000 on the ship!!!! That was awesome! Thank you so much for all of your help! Ashley J. Trevino