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Our local expert team works personally with every customer to ensure you get the trip of your dreams. Instead of using calculators designed to save you the last 2 cents, we focus on creating a fulfulling, memorable, and turnkey experience.

Hi Elsa, thanks – you rock – I have recommended you and your agency – hopefully you will be hearing from more cold Seattle-lites! – Will

First, THANK YOU Lisa so much for your help regarding record FQV2.  All of our flights and hotels have been great, and the Jeeps were perfect on all three islands.  The Royal Lahaina in Maui is beautiful—perfect beach, great amenities, and friendly staff.  The Dolphin Bay in Hilo was exactly as expected, except the manager (possibly owner), John Alexander, was incredibly friendly and helpful beyond expectations.  And finally, the Waipouli Beach Resort (Outrigger) is AMAZING!!!  The upgrade is incredible.  The suite is huge, the amenities are nice, and the view is incredible.  I will certainly recommend Hawaii-Aloha.com to anyone I know who is planning a trip to Hawaii.Thanks again for all of your help! Best, John and Kelly

thanks so much Abby!!!   Your amazing!!  The flight out was fine a little tight on the way from DC but we moved to economy plus for the flight to Maui only cost us $54 and boy was it money well spent.  Both flights were overbooked so I was happy to get a seat!!    Thanks again you have truly made our honeymoon the dream we both had hoped it would be!!  Simon

Kalei, You rock when it comes to working for your clients!!!! I just got this proposal from someone I requested it from this weekend. The price is close to yours but the flights are not nearly as good and the one you got us.  Also we have no car in Ohau with this proposal. I will definitely recommend you to my friends considering going to Hawaii. Thanks!!!!!! Lisa Gildea

Hi Abby,  It is Saturday, and we are all together here at Don & Trina’s house. Yes, we all enjoyed our trip very much. It seemed to have passed much too quickly. Okay, here’s some feedback for you. We were all very pleased by the service you provided! The hotels you chose for us were top notch, transportation was good, restaurants were great. Alec did not find Baked Alaska, but found a substitute in the Baked Hawaii that was similar enough to make him happy! The best thing about our trip was the submarine ride on Maui. That was definitely worth what we paid!!! The only two complaints that we had were the fact that each hotel we checked in to requested a voucher that none of us had, and none of us cared much for the luau. Just too commercialized & the food was almost like cafeteria food. We feel it would have been worth the extra money to be waited on. Also, we could not see too much of the show as we were out on the edge of the group. We are all thinking about coming back for another visit in the future, and would not hesitate to call you again. We feel like you went above and beyond taking care of our arrangements for our trip, and answering all of our endless questions! :o) Thanks again for everything, Don, Trina, Alec & Rosemary

Hi Nataleen, We had a very nice relaxing vacation thanks to you.  The Waipoulli resort was so awesome.  We also went to a exciting Luau.  I just wanted to thank you for making it just a great time.  Also thanks for the gift that was very special.  I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and we will be traveling to the Islands again.  Very very relaxing and laid back on Kauvai.  I think I sent you an old email by mistake. Thank you again! The Alvarado Family!