Sunset on the Beach Waikiki 2014

Aloha LOLL group members!

We are so excited about this year’s Sunset on the Beach and I wanted to tell you about the special day we have planned during this exciting weekend. We know what big fans you are of Hawaii Five-0 and especially Alex O’Loughlin, so we’ve combined a few things together to create an incredible day touring the island!

Beach Chairs at Bayer Estate

Hop in our mini-bus Thursday September 18th from 10AM to 2PM and begin the journey at Bayer Estate, where you’ll get an exclusive tour of Steve McGarrett’s home. Explore the property and transport to your favorite episode, or take in the view from the iconic white lawn chairs. You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities here and  surprises and get to meet the owner of the estate, who will have tons of insider info about the filming of Hawaii Five-0.

Group of H50 fans

Next, we’re taking you on a mini Circle Island/Hawaii Five-0 tour, where you’ll see famous filming grounds and memorable shooting locations.  Discover the signature buildings and landscapes of H50 and get the real tour of the island along the way. We’re taking you to awesome eateries, fun points of interest and exciting stop-offs to round out the day.

This tour is exclusively for you and the other LOLL fan group members. We can’t wait to show you around the island and all the hot spots of Hawaii Five-0!


Bruce Fisher

Sunset on the Beach Waikiki 2014

Price Per Person - $75.00