Will Hawaii really be ready to accept visitors October 15th?

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Yaling and Bruce answer the question; Will Hawaii be ready? That’s assuming the Islands open October 15th as planned. Bruce notes that many people are skeptical about the opening because of the delays and false starts since March. This is the 4th time a date has been announced, so the skeptisim is understood. Our hosts share reasons why this time the opening looks like a reality more than previous start dates.

The conversation turns to the Mayor of Oahu’s recent announcement that Oahu will begin to open in using a tier phase approach which Bruce notes may mean bars could be closed until December. Bruce explains that if you’re a client of Hawaii Aloha Travel, the company will keep customers informed of what will be open, especially attractions and fun things you’ll want to do then you’re here.

If you are coming here in the next few months you can expect to have to wear a mask and social distance. To see how people might take to that concept, Yaling and Bruce put the question to Facebook fans who had a lot to say about the idea. While the response was mixed, most people agreed to tolerate the new normal when visiting the islands.

Bruce goes over what potential visitors will have to do if they want to bypass the quarantine and Yaling explains that children under 12 cannot be tested. If you have a family that includes kids, it won’t be possible to come here until a suitable test is available for children.

Finally, the hosts remind you to keep in touch and to subscribe to Hawaii Aloha Travels Social media pages and encourage you to reach out to us and say Aloha!