What happens if your flight to Hawaii gets delayed ?

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The weather has been the story of the past few days as the Northeast went through one of the worst blizzards in decades. Hawaii has been no exception to the inclement weather. We’ve had rain on and off for the past seven days here in the islands. While we have talked about what to do if it rains in Hawaii, we haven’t discussed what to do if you get delays or cancellations right before your vacation to Hawaii. On today’s podcast we offer some tips about what to do if something unexpected happens. As a rule of thumb, always try to stay as calm as possible. The last thing you want to do is get an airline employee upset with you. The folks behind the counter become your best ally when there are problems with air schedules. In most cases all changes that need to be made as a result of a flight cancellation/change must be done by the airline, on the ground and at the airport ticket counter.

Last week we had the opportunity to visit Iolani Palace. I highly recommend you make a visit here if you’re on the island of Oahu. I also recommend that you get one of the tour guides to show you around the palace. You’ll learn a lot about the rich history of the monarchy in Hawaii. You get to see the inside of the palace which is been restored to its original condition. You can see the Kings quarters including his bedroom and office. You can combine a trip to the palace with the Hawaii State Museum which is right next door and also have some lunch at the Town restaurant.