The realities of booking a Hawaii Vacation in the near future

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As Hawaii prepares for an official opening on October 15th, Yaling and Bruce focus today’s podcast on getting listeners updated on the latest information regarding COVID19 and talk about the realities of booking a Hawaii vacation before the end of the year.

The discussion quickly goes to the challenges that visitors will face if they come here out of the gate at the beginning of October. Although there are many moving parts still to be finalized in the plans, our hosts do their best to clear up some of the many reasons for the confusion. While it’s very certain Oahu will be open with strict social distance requirements, Mayors On Kauai, Maui, and the Hawaii island are not 100% in agreement. It may take the governor to make a final decision.

Bruce says, “we’re opening no matter what in some form,” and Yaling shares that testing will be offered by various partners, including CVS, Walgreens, Kaiser, and clinics nationwide. Additionally, airlines have stepped up their “testing game” by providing labs at the airport for passengers to get tested within an hour.; Yaling reminds listeners, “ that means you must get to the airport at least 4 hours in advance.”

Bruce and Yaling then share a sampling of the hundreds of Facebook friends who weighed in on the subject and have various mixed feelings on the subject. Bruce says, “the pro’s and con’s we pretty evenly divided. He also reminds listeners to get involved and join the discussion on the company’s Facebook page where thousands of friends from all over the world exchange comments.

The podcast continuous with our hosts reminding listeners they can rest assured that Hawaii Aloha Travel will help clients navigate all of the necessary steps to arrive here safely and enjoy their vacations to their fullest extent.

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