Hawaii Covid 19 Travel Update | Summer Hawaii Vacation Tips for 2022

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Aloha Bruce begins this Monday, September 13, 2021, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast with an update on COVID-19 travel conditions in Hawaii and some summer Hawaii Vacation tips as many folks are calling and planning ahead.

Bruce notes that today begins Oahu’s requirement of proof of vaccination or negative COVID test to enter most Oahu businesses and City facilities (Maui has the same requirement). Bruce says he and Yaling were asked for and easily provided their proof of vaccination when heading out for lunch with pictures of their cards on their smart phones.

Bruce also mentions the Hawaii Smart Pass, which provides a QR code to verify full vaccination status. “You’ve got to just have your vaccination card or verification or negative test”, Bruce says, explaining “trusted partners” for required testing.

Bruce dismisses the politicization of the vaccine, and simply recommends visitors get vaccinated. “The science is very clear,” says Aloha Bruce. “I’d please encourage you to get a vaccine.” He muses about being vaccinated for his whole life and never thinking about it politically.

He also shares a personal story about an unnamed friend who is highly fit, unvaccinated, and now fighting for his life with COVID. “It’s not even political,” Bruce laments. “It’s really the right thing to do.”

Bruce moves on to discuss the current situation on the ground here in Hawaii vacation-land, including a group of seven Highgate properties in Waikiki, including the Alohilani, which will soon begin to require all guests and staff to be vaccinated. Bruce says most visitors he’s communicated with are fine with a vaccine requirement to stay in a hotel, and he says Hawaii Aloha Travel does a lot of bookings at Highgate properties.

The topic turns to Summer Hawaii vacation tips. Bruce says it’s still important to book as far in advance as possible. He discusses some of the benefits of a summertime Hawaii vacation, with the weather being high on the list because of the longer hours of daylight and less rain (but the rain is really nice, too!). You don’t need to pack as much clothing in the summer months, Bruce says. And that leaves more room in your suitcase for all of the fun stuff you’ll be taking home from your Hawaii vacation.