Stay safe near Oahu’s coastlines, Kamaaina Rates, Best Micro brewery

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There’s so much see and do on Oahu. We’re surrounded with stunning vistas and miles of incredible coastline created by volcanoes. You can pretty much see and do anything outdoors you can imagine. Sometimes it’s hard to forget just how treacherous these same beautiful places can be when water comes crashing in from the Pacific after traveling miles across the Pacific. Last Friday three people lost their lives in accidents along the shores of Oahu. We talk about this and remind folks the importance of never turning your back to the sea.

Our Facebook friend Carol who wants to know what the meaning of “Kamaaina rate” is. This is a special rate people from Hawaii get mostly in hotels but also local businesses. These are the lowest rates available from Hawaii hotels and are very often cheaper than travel agent rates. We explain that it’s only available to people that have Hawaii State ID or driver’s license.

Larry, a podcast listener is coming to Oahu and wants to sample a micro brew and needed some ideas. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of choices. We suggested Sam Choy’s Big Aloha Brewing Company. It’s located in the restaurant of his same name on Nimitz Highway not too far from downtown Honolulu. Another very popular micro brew is the Kona brewing Company. If you just want to taste some great beers the best place to go is Murphy’s Bar and Grill in Chinatown.

Today we reflect on the passing of Steve Jobs. He took podcasting to the next level with iTunes and made doing this show something they never could have produced few years ago. Locally many tourists visited the Apple stores leaving leis and notes of condolences to this great man. He will surely be missed and if there’s a heaven he will probably revolutionize the by creating iWings.