Should you postpone your Hawaii Vacation? – Making the difficult Decision

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Aloha Bruce offers some important insight on making the decision to postpone your Hawaii vacation. It is important to understand the visitor situation on the ground in Hawaii right now. After some straight talk about the realities of a Hawaii vacation, Bruce moves on to the lighter topic of enjoying Hawaii’s endless amounts of brilliant rainbows.

Bruce mentions social distancing requirements reinstated by Governor David Ige recently due to an alarming spike in daily COVID cases statewide. The restrictions are not new, just once again limited to 50% capacity. Bruce says the same thing is happening here in Hawaii that is happening all over the US. Bruce also notes that some Hawaii restaurants are choosing to remain takeout-only. Bruce also reminds listeners about vaccine and testing requirements for Hawaii visitors.

Bruce mentions a letter from podcast listener “Perry”, who wonders if he should postpone a planned October Hawaii vacation. Bruce says to consider travel to Hawaii just as traveling to any US destination. “We’re not a foreign country,” Bruce notes later that Perry booked the HAT condo at the Luana Waikiki through the special podcast offer.

Bruce advises people to monitor the situation here and wait until the last possible time to cancel, especially if you’ve booked through HAT and have travel protection. “Wait until the day before you leave,” Bruce notes that HAT was able to rebook for countless clients during the pandemic, who has since been able to enjoy their dream Hawaii vacation. For those considering a Hawaii vacation, Bruce says, “Use us, and book it!” HAT offers services that allow flexibility and travel protection. “Whatever is going to make you more comfortable.”

Aloha Bruce discusses the impact of the pandemic and the return of tourism on Hawaii residents. “I would implore you to ask me a question,” says Bruce. He also encourages visitors to book through HAT’s specialty Secret Hawaii Tours.

Bruce moves on to the more cheerful topic of Hawaii being the “rainbow capital of the world”. He explains some of the natural factors that contribute to the abundance of rainbows in the Aloha State. “They are random, and they’re wonderful to watch.” He also notes some of the best times and places to find rainbows in Hawaii and says Oahu and Kauai are the best islands to see rainbows. Just one of the reasons to come and experience the extraordinary beauty of Hawaii.

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