Mission Houses Museum

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This Saturday we had a chance to check out the Mission Houses Museum. I have to admit that we have never been there before. It’s interesting to note that in talking to the folks there, that many people never get the opportunity to experience this important historical site. Its Located right downtown not too far the Kamehameaha statue and many tourists are not even aware the Museum exists.

The history of this place goes back to the 1820s when the missionaries arrived in Hawaii and I don’t think anybody really ever anticipated the impact that they would have on the Hawaiian culture. Many people think that the missionaries made contributions to the islands and others have the exact opposite view.

No matter which side you fall down on, or if you don’t know the history of it it’s still worthwhile experience and worth checking out. As you pass through the Museum you’ll get the story of the cultural change in the 19th century and the details of the life and the work of the missionaries. There’s so much to see there including original artifacts, clothing, furnishings and books and even household items that belonged to the missionary families themselves. There are three main structures that that make up the Museum which were built between 1820 in 1841.

If you’re into architecture at all this place is a must because these buildings make up the oldest surviving Western-style buildings in Hawaii. Basically the buildings were used for the residents of several prominent missionaries.

While you’re here at the mission house you have to check out the Tea Parlor it’s a really cute relaxing spot to have a nice lunch. They also have Tea times and a great menu of food items that are really reasonable prices. We had the Teriyaki chicken plate which was delicious, and they had this hibiscus raspberry tea which was so refreshing. They’re open for breakfast and lunch and have daily specials, lunch plates, sandwiches, wraps and salads.