Luxury Condos on Maui – Honua Kai Resort Review

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We’ve been talking a lot about Maui lately and a couple of weeks ago we had a chance to do a site at the Honua Kai Resort and Spa.

The first thing that struck me about this property was just how large it is with over 643 condos and then another 75 townhomes. The second thing that struck me was just that this is not your ordinary condo, it’s a full on resort. We’re seeing more and more of this; condos becoming full on resorts with all the amenities that you expect in a hotel. They have a huge super pool with a couple of aqua lounges, slides and kids pool. Speaking of kids, they even have a kids camp where they can be entertained all day . There is a huge expansive lobby beautifully furnished with rich wood tones. The hotel lobby is also the home to the Aina market which is an organic market run by Chef James who owns the Pacific-O restaurant and also caters all of the food at the Feast of Lele. So you get the best of both worlds here; great amenities of a hotel and the connivance of these gorgeous condos.

I was really impressed with these large modern condos. You can get a studio or one, two and three-bedroom units. All of them are impeccably decorated, very comfortable, the kitchens all have really high-end appliances in them, and they have awesome views from the private Lanai’s. The units are very spacious and include these Nano Doors which are doors that fold out so that it really brings the outside in.

You can make this an affordable option if you’re going to be traveling with other folks. For example, a two bedroom can actually hold six people so that’s only 80 bucks a day or less if people are going to split the cost. In fact this is a great way to get more out of your Hawaii vacation. Just bring people with you and you may be able to stay in a luxury Hawaii condo for the price that it would cost you for a much lesser hotel.

Of course all the units have washers and dryers, barbecue grills and everything you need to cook a meal in the unit. There’s also daily maid service and they do the dishes for you if you really want to be on a lazy Hawaii vacation.

Things to remember about renting condos on Maui:

  • The smaller more affordable condos do not have the amenities of a hotel
  • You get more bang for your buck if can share the cost of a Luxury 2 or 3 Bedroom Condo
  • Condos are more private with less people
  • Make sure the condo has made service
  • Sometimes vbro bookings are misleading