Is COVID-19 Forcing Hawaii to Reimagine Toursim?

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Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura welcome Lanai’s brother Makani Tabura to the studio for the newest installment of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, where they talk about re-imagining tourism in Hawaii and the meaning of “aloha” and how it has become, regrettably, a topic of debate during the Hawaii COVID-19 shutdown. Makani is a leader with the Ha Ola Village Healing Center, an immersive cultural encounter meant to share the aloha spirit.

Our hosts and their guest Makani discuss the re-imagining of tourism in Hawaii that is necessary as the industry verges on a collapse in the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Makani notes that the best souvenir from Hawaii isn’t something you can purchase, but rather a permanent sense of health and community wellness, of aloha.

This podcast discusses the many possibilities to be considered as the State looks to open by the re-imagining of tourism in Hawaii in various ways including testing, and using data to assist in destination management. Our hosts agree that the future of Hawaii tourism presents an opportunity for visitors to learn more about Hawaiian culture than can be found in hotel and resort properties and districts. Makani discusses his work with native Hawaiian elders and several community-based organizations.

Bruce shares his approach to Hawaii tourism in these times, and the effect of a severely impacted industry here on the ground. The brothers Tabura talk about their upcoming work-related travels and their concerns during a global pandemic.

This newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast is the first of two featuring Lanai and Makani Tabura talking with Aloha Bruce about the changing face of tourism in Hawaii.