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Our stalwart hosts Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher are back in the studio for the latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast to talk about the effect of the current COVID-19 shutdown in Hawaii. It has affected all aspects of the travel industry community and every person the Aloha State.

Bruce notes that most hotels are closed and Yaling offers grim numbers regarding Hawaii arrivals. She discusses the 14-quarantine on all Hawaii Vacation arrivals and notes strong enforcement measures now in place. Of visitors arriving without proof of accommodation, she says, “You could go to jail!”

Bruce recalls a man recently arrested on Kauai, the Garden Isle, who was found to be violating the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Yaling also mentions the mandatory night-time curfew there. Bruce says that it’s simply not a good time to be taking advantage of cheap airfares when travel restrictions are in place.

Bruce gets personal about what a struggle it is in Hawaii and especially within the travel industry. He’s never seen anything like it after decades in the business. He remains upbeat, of course, and encourages people to keep Hawaii on their travel list for when the current situation improves. Bruce and Yaling mention that Lanai is not in the studio for the podcast due to social distancing measures and his important work for the Share Aloha program. The conversation moves to a new, mandatory 14-day quarantine for interisland travelers, which is having a huge effect on Hawaii families.

Our hosts say that Hawaii Aloha Travels has been receiving a lot of questions about when they think is the best future time to book a Hawaii vacation. Yaling says that in perhaps two weeks we may be able to see a big difference in the situation. Bruce says that Hawaii Aloha Travel can rebook travel up to May 31 for free. Bruce offers some valuable insight about rebooking travel, and he and Yaling discuss what we may be able to expect after two weeks.

Bruce talks about Hawaii COVID-19 statistics and notes that Hawaii is doing fairly well in comparison to other US states. He and Yaling, two travel professionals with vast experience offer their thoughts on this unprecedented situation.

They describe the routines they’ve developed to keep themselves safe from the threat. Bruce says that even if Hawaii remains relatively successful in containing the virus, a lot of the impact on Hawaii travel will depend on the measures taken by other US states.

Bruce says he is currently working on bookings from October into 2021. He notes one client who is a nurse in an Intensive Care Unit in Minnesota. She says, “Bruce, I know I’m going to need a vacation after all of this.” She is looking forward to a discounted vacation for a family of six.

Bruce says he, Yaling and Hawaii Aloha Travel want to help front-liners, in particular, to plan a Hawaii vacation and will do everything he can, even cutting commissions (that’s the “Aloha” in Hawaii Aloha Travel). “You all deserve it,” Bruce says humbly.

Bruce muses about possible future Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcasts, including a custom Hawaii vacation itinerary for a day-long escape to the Aloha State that includes a bunch of “bucket list” activities.

As the Hawaii Aloha Travel family cats (Yogi, Rudy, Bella, and Melzie) take over the studio, Bruce encourages listeners to leave questions and comments about the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. “We’re going to continue doing this!”