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Aloha Bruce is hard at work talking about Hawaii foods to try during a Hawaii vacation and shares the latest COVID-19 and Hawaii travel developments on this Labor Day 2021 episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast (Happy Rosh Hashana, too).

Bruce starts off by explaining the vaccination/testing requirement set to take effect on Oahu on September 13 (the same requirements began on Maui yesterday). Bruce expects Hawaii Island and Kauai to follow suit soon. Bruce explains that Hawaii remains open, despite a surge in COVID cases and deaths. Hawaii’s hospital and healthcare resources are already stretched thin. Bruce says he does not encourage or discourage Hawaii travel during the pandemic, and he approaches each Hawaii vacation on an individual, case-by-case basis. He also encourages engagement from podcast listeners.

Bruce moves on to the subject of Hawaii foods, and how important food is to the Hawaii vacation experience (especially fresh fish and poke). First on the menu are Hawaii plate lunches with traditional Hawaiian foods like Kalua Pig and the delicious coconut pudding Haupia. Most plate lunches with come with two starch items, Bruce says, usually rice and mac salad.

The subject of saimin comes up, a Chinese noodle soup brought to Hawaii by Chinese and Japanese plantation workers that has evolved into a uniquely “Hawaii” food. Bruce mentions Hamura’s on Kauai as the best saimin he’s ever add.

“Poke is something you must try,” Bruce says. “It’s almost a way of life here!” He explains different varieties and preparations of the raw fish favorite.

Up next is Pastele, a Puerto Rican dish adapted for taro in Hawaii that is one of Bruce’s Hawaii favorites. And speaking of favorites, Bruce gives a shout-out to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers on Oahu and Cow Pig Bun Burger on Maui, “Arguably one of the burgers I’ve ever had.” Bruce also mentions Lineage on Maui, which offers a wonderful take on traditional Hawaiian food. As for dessert on Maui, Bruce suggests Liotta’s Kitchen & Pie Shop near Kihei as “the pies there are second to none”.

Uncle Clay’s House of Aloha comes up as having the best, locally-sourced shave ice flavors, Bruce says, and he squeezes in a plug for Jack’s Restaurant nearby in East Honolulu (one of his favorites). Bruce also talks briefly about popular and locally-grown taro chips, the popular Li Hing flavoring, special mochi ice cream treats.

“Go on a diet before you get here,” Bruce jokes about the broad spectrum of delicious Hawaii foods. Bruce also makes a recommendation for vegetarian and vegan vacationers ion Hawaii.