Hawaii shows signs of opening back up – Tourism still on hold for now

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The newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast has Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher discussing the possibility of reopening Hawaii’s tourism economy during the coronavirus global pandemic. Bruce notes that a whole month has passed since the shutdown began on March 26 and that a brief but necessary visit from a friend recently provided a “semblance of normalcy”.

Our hosts note that Governor Ige has extended stay-at-home/work from home orders through May 31. Bruce helps explain what the mandatory 14-day quarantine means for Hawaii arrivals while the order is in place. Bruce compares it to “vacation jail” and marvels at the fact that people are still coming to Hawaii for a vacation even with the quarantine in effect.

Bruce also notes that efforts to monitor arrivals to Hawaii have been stepped up. Bruce says that a customer, Emily, is scheduled to arrive on May 30 and that she will indeed be required to undergo the 14-day quarantine.

Bruce and Yaling make the positive point that many Hawaii beaches have been partially reopened to the public with certain rules in place. He also says that Kauai, which has strong restrictions in place, has begun discussing easing those some restrictions. Kauai’s low case numbers of coronavirus are due in part to those tougher restrictions.

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The conversation moves to some of the major savings on Hawaii airfares that are now available, and Bruce offers his expertise on how to best take advantage of low fares. Our hosts agree that booking far out in advance is the best approach. Bruce also reminds listeners that the insurance Hawaii Aloha Travel offers help provide visitors with options if and when the current situation changes.

He talks about some of the cheap flights available beginning in mid-July. He mentions several routes from New York City and Chicago that are priced extremely low by different air carriers. Our hosts marvel at an available $300 round trip fare from Los Angeles.

Aloha Bruce and Yaling remain optimistic that regular Hawaii flights can resume in June. Bruce says Hawaii will reopen slowly, and it is encouraging to see signs that it may begin happening soon. Bruce and Yaling encourage listeners to email feedback on the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcasts