Hawaii is opening – Now What?

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Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher are back in the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast studio to discuss Hawaii’s reopening and the question that everyone is asking: Now what? People planning to come to Hawaii in the coming months have questions about the quarantine, testing, restrictions, and many other topics. “What do we have to do?”

As Bruce says at the top of the show, “Call us!” Hawaii Aloha Travel has the resources and experience to guide you through the process of planning a Hawaii vacation during the pandemic and Hawaii’s reopening. Bruce and Yaling talk about some of the FAQs they’ve been getting across social media platforms.

Many questions they’re getting have to do with the testing requirements for Hawaii arrivals. Bruce reminds travelers that they must have a certified negative test at the start of the last leg of their trans-Pacific travel. He also notes that the HAT website and covid19hawaii.com have important information about Hawaii’s reopening.

We podcast about Hawaii because we love Hawaii.

The conversation talks about major travel hubs to Hawaii ramping up testing for Hawaii’s reopening and some of the airlines and certified testing providers involved in efforts to make travel to Hawaii safe. Bruce offers his advice about planning for getting a COVID-19 before Hawaii travel and the importance of choosing travel hubs. Yaling mentions travelers from Canada and Bruce notes that the Hawaii Safe Travels program is not accepting international flights at this time.

Another frequent question about Hawaii’s reopening is “do you need more than one test?” Bruce says only one test is required, except for on Hawaii Island, which will be conducting donated antigen tests for arrivals. Bruce goes on to explain the complications of interisland travel happening now.

Bruce answers the question “What’s going to be open when we get there?” by offering important details of what you can and can’t do. With his typical excitement for the wonders of Hawaii, Bruce cheerfully lists many of the places that will be open across the Aloha State, and he says that visitors will be able to enjoy them without huge crowds.

Hawaii’s reopening, “Don’t get discouraged!” Bruce says. “Just call us! 800-843-8771”