Hawaii COVID-19 testing requirement confusion – Can a test be had?

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Lanai Tabura is back with Aloha Bruce for our newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Our hosts discuss Hawaii COVID-19 testing for visitors with a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their arrival & the lifting of mandatory quarantine. The two old buddies have a spirited discussion about the global pandemic, and what the testing requirements are for Hawaii arrivals.

Bruce talks about the nasal swab test and how invasive it is, and Lanai mentions a friend who had to take it twice due to a lab failure. Bruce breaks down the difficulty incoming visitors are having in finding locations that provide approved Hawaii COVID-19 testing sites.

Bruce and Lanai talk candidly about people’s attitudes about the pandemic, and their perceptions of the threat it poses to residents and visitors alike. Both are diligent in following safety protocols. Lanai shares his personal insight about traveling during the pandemic, saying, “even if you don’t believe in it, do me a favor and wear a mask.”

Bruce mentions the new Facebook group he started, COVID Testing for Hawaii Travelers, and encourages listeners to engage with their stories of testing availability from a variety of mainland locations. Our hosts also talk about Lanai’s new “It’s a Hawaii Thing” podcast with co-host and former Miss Universe Brooke Lee. Lanai also has a new retail store on a variety of platforms.

Things are changing quickly in Hawaii, so stay tuned for the next Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. We’ll take you through exactly what is happening with Hawaii tourism during the global pandemic.