Don’t Come to Hawaii…….Unless

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Aloha Bruce discusses the concept of “Malama Hawaii” on the new Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, taking a look at what it really means. Bruce explores the difference between Malama Hawaii and the “Aloha Spirit”, and he offers seasoned advice for visitors who are interested in finding true aloha.

Bruce explains that the “Aloha Spirit” is a generations-old brand, a product used to market the “Aloha State” as a tourist destination. He notes that the notion of Malama Aina is an ethic, a moral code that people who live and work here know instinctively. It means looking after the natural, cultural, and human resources that make Hawaii unique.

We podcast about Hawaii because we love Hawaii.

For the people who live in Hawaii, simple and common courtesy is common sense. Bruce offers his own unique takes on what any well-meaning visitor to Hawaii should do before you get here and what you shouldn’t do after you touch down in paradise.