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Aloha Bruce has the latest on-the-ground Hawaii vacation news, dispelling Hawaii travel rumors being spread on social media, and offers specific advice for a family of four looking for a family of four planning a Hawaii vacation.

Bruce makes the important point that “Hawaii is not being shut down” following a request from Governor Ige for people to avoid nonessential Hawaii through October due to a frightening surge in Delta variant COVID-19 cases throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Bruce notes that this is part of the same surge currently happening on the mainland.

“This is community spread,” Bruce says. “This is not as a result of tourism.” Hawaii Aloha Travel offers vacation advice to people individually, and that in most cases, it is okay to proceed with Hawaii vacation plans if your personal circumstances and vacation plans are suitable to current conditions in the Aloha State.

Bruce says beaches and parks are not being closed, Bruce says, and officials are looking to limit the sizer of groups and gatherings on Hawaii beaches. Bruce also dispels the rumor that restaurants are closing. They are not. Capacity has been limited for a long time. Luaus continue. “Stick to trusted sources,” Bruce advises. “I’m a trusted source!”

Bruce stresses the importance of being vaccinated and registered with Hawaii Safe Travels, the availability of pre-clearances, and testing and quarantine requirements. “Nothing has changed for months…and this is probably how it’s going to stay for months to come.”

Bruce moves on to the topic of “vaccination passports” for certain Hawaii restaurants and activities, which is becoming more likely as case counts grow. Bruce mentions Canadian caller Richard, who shared some information recently about international travel. Bruce also mentions HAT’s Facebook Covid Hawaii Support page as a good source for vetted Hawaii travel information.

Aloha Bruce expects Hawaii to be in a full rebound in May 2022, and he discusses advance bookings and the advantages of booking early. Arizona listener Donna seeks advice about a two-island family Hawaii vacation in May, and Bruce offers his insight into the attractions offered for a Big Island vacation. He mentions the importance of having a “bucket list” before booking anything. Bruce recommended a split between Kona and Hilo before flying out to another island.

Bruce also notes that private, customized tours through Secret Hawaii Tours offer personal experiences with resident experts on all things Hawaii.

“Please don’t get discouraged,” Bruce says. “And stay away from the rumors!”