Need to know – COVID-19 Testing for Visitors Traveling to Hawaii

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Aloha Bruce and Yaling are back in the studio with the first Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast since the start of the Hawaii Safe Travels Program began on Thursday, October 15. Our hosts are talking about COVID-19 Testing for Visitors, and the intricacies of interisland travel during the global pandemic.

Bruce starts off by explaining the testing requirements for visitors to be exempted from the mandatory 14-day quarantine, which has been confusing for some of our podcast listeners. Bruce specifically notes an official phone number to call (1-800-GOHAWAII). He also notes a number at the Maui mayor’s office that is proving to be helpful and effective about COVID-19 Testing for Visitors. “Or you could just call us,” Bruce laughs.

Bruce and Yaling move on to discuss the challenges of interisland travel during the pandemic. He notes that each island (county) has its own testing requirements, and the situation will likely continue for a few months. Bruce says visitors should limit interisland trips to two islands. He also talks about the idea of doing a “split” on a single island to experience the different aspects of each island. For example, splitting time between Oahu’s North and South shores, or East/West Maui is a good “split” approach.

We podcast about Hawaii because we love Hawaii.

Our hosts talk about the high numbers of arrivals in the first days of the Hawaii Safe Travels Program. This leads to Bruce discussing the concept of “malama Hawaii”, which is the native Hawaiian idea of respecting the land and its people. “This is a pivotal moment for Hawaii as these arrivals are coming in,” Bruce says.

Yaling stressing the importance of following the rules and demonstrating respect when in Hawaii. Bruce says Hawaii Aloha Travel’s private tours, which follow all CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines. “We’ve got some really special things in store,” Bruce says.

Bruce also mentions Hawaii Aloha Travel’s Secret Hawaii Tours and encourages listeners to call for expert, personal service in planning a Hawaii vacation, noting that penalty-free cancellations and rescheduling are available to prevent losing out because of unforeseen circumstances.

Bruce and Yaling end this historic Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast with a daydream about having mai tais and watching the sunset on the water. Sounds like a perfect vacation!