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A busy walking path on Oahu

My Favorite Walking Paths on Oahu

For some, Hawaii instills a sense of adventure and desire for outdoor activity,...

Winter Weather in Hawaii

Our main topic today is on winter (what?) in Hawaii and the highlights of vacationing to the islands during this time of year. If you're fond of nature and want the experience of a lifetime, we recommend booking a whale watching tour while visiting Hawaii, since it is touted as one of the best places to witness these amazing creatures. We'll give you some background on the whales plus some interesting factoids that will surely have you looking into the next available whale watching tour. We'll also tell you what makes Big Island unique in the wintertime, and it has everything to do with the slushy white powder you might just be trying to escape from on the mainland. And don't forget what else winter brings in Hawaii; big wave season on the north shore. If you're a fan of surfing then you'll love hearing about the excitement that ensues on Oahu's 7-mile miracle every winter.

My Picks for Hawaii Vacation Island Combos

If you're coming to Hawaii for vacation, consider expanding your trip by planning a multi island package. Traveling to two different islands is the best way to get the most out of Hawaii, especially because each island offers something so totally different from the next. The only problem is, how do you choose which islands to travel to? Especially if you've never been to Hawaii or are unfamiliar with the neighboring islands. So what's the best way to figure out which two islands to visit during your vacation? We're giving you a run down on a few of the best mix n match combos of the Hawaiian chain! For a complete change: Oahu and Big Island. Oahu is bustling with the state's capitol, but also has some incredible counterparts on the north and east sides. Lively and crowded, Oahu offers a timeless vacation in the hub of Hawaii, while Big Island gives vacationers a unique look of the archipelago. You can see waterfalls, volcanoes, a metropolitan city, black sand beaches, white sand beaches, and quaint shopping towns by combining these two islands together. It's great for the traveler who wants a complete switch up from one island to the next.