Can you hop to another island for one day?

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The newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast offers advice into making a day trip to a neighbor island for Hawaii visitors. Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura give some shout-outs to podcast listeners set to embark on a Big Island vacation that covers most of Hawaii Island, and joke about a Tesla Food Tour guided by Lanai in Bruce’s Tesla.

Bruce mentions customer and podcast listener Carolina and other families as Lanai reminds listeners about the renovations at the Hilo Naniloa Hotel and the many upgrades made there and filming his television show “Cooking Hawaiian Style” there. Lanai notes that the Hilo hotel is as old as the famous Moana Hotel in Waikiki.

Bruce gives his candid assessment of the costs of a daytrip for families, and that individual members of a family group will find it much less expensive to strike out for another island on their own. The topic turns to Neighbor Island visitors who may want to make a trip to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor. Lanai notes that a day trip to Oahu can also include other activities. Bruce says that renting a car for the day will help you make the most of a day trip to another island. Lanai mentions the advantages of booking flights through Mokulele Airlines or Southwest Airlines, who offer great value for your day trip vacation dollars.

Lanai says that his first choice for a day trip to another island would include a helicopter ride. Our hosts offer their unique local insight into some of the must-see attractions on each of the Hawaiian Islands. They discuss the best deals on interisland flights. Lanai says that Oahu to Kauai is his top recommended interisland day trip.

Bruce and Lanai talk about the ferry ride from Maui to Lanai, and a Hawaii Aloha Travel combo deal that can make it happen. Lanai discusses hunting day trips to Lanai from Maui and jokes about his “mom’s tour”.

Aloha Bruce and Lanai also talk about a day trip to Molokai, the Friendly Isle. They note the importance of booking early due to the scarcity of rental vehicles on Molokai and Lanai. Our hosts circle back to a day trip to Kauai, the Garden Isle, and how many unique experiences are available to day-trippers.

Making a day trip to another island during your Hawaii vacation is within reach, and Hawaii Aloha Travel’s local experts know how to help you make it happen. Bruce reminds listeners about his live vacation planning sessions on Facebook and Zoom, and encourages everyone to follow Lanai Tabura on his Instagram and Facebook social media accounts. No one knows more about the Hawaii vacation experience than Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura!