Can you come to Hawaii with a COVID-19 Vaccine and avoid mandatory testing?

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Aloha Bruce offers an update on tourism in Hawaii and talks about the possibility of the and quarantine exemptions for Hawaii travelers.

Bruce notes straight away that as of Sunday, March 21, having received a COVID vaccination does not exempt Hawaii arrivals from the current mandatory testing and quarantine requirements. Bruce says that possibly by June, proof of vaccination will allow visitors to avoid quarantine rules. He also says that the vaccination exemption is likely, to begin with inter-island travel, perhaps in April.

Bruce mentions an inquiry from a person planning a Hawaii vacation who does not intend to receive a vaccination. He says it’s “hard to imagine” Hawaii letting people avoid quarantine without a valid negative COVID-19 test or verified vaccination during the pandemic

The topic turns to the spike in visitor arrivals in the past week, with Bruce noting that his prediction of a drastic increase in demand for airfare and accommodations is happening right now. Prices are changing quickly, he says, and the best way to book is through local experts like Hawaii Aloha Travel. It’s difficult to navigate pricing a Hawaii vacation without expert help.

“If there’s anything we need right now, it’s a break,” Bruce says speaking of the burdens of the COVID pandemic on people everywhere. He offers some specific time frames to plan for when prices will be lowest.

Bruce explains that bookings for summer Hawaii vacations are on the rise, particularly on Kauai, and shares some insider info about booking choices on the Garden Isle when demand is skyrocketing. Kauai is unique among the islands in its travel restrictions but is slated to rejoin the Safe Travels program in April. A discussion about the availability of rooms and properties on Maui follows, with Bruce saying that he’s never seen Hawaii travel so busy and demand so high, even after decades in the industry.

Aloha Bruce moves on to discuss the opening of group activities like luau and weddings in the weeks ahead and offers his insight on when and how to book group events. There is so much to do in Hawaii that you can’t possibly fit it all into a single Hawaii vacation.

“But you can always come back!”