Are you missing Hawaii?

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Lanai Tabura and Aloha Bruce are back for our latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast to talk about missing Hawaii and some of the things that people miss most during the current COVID-19 quarantine that has all but shut down Hawaii tourism. Respondents to a HAT Facebook post, many respondents shared what they love and miss about Hawaii and our hosts offer their own unique insights on Hawaii’s appeal.

Lanai drops a hint about an upcoming television production he’s involved with before our hosts get into talking about the things people say they miss most about Hawaii. Bruce notes one respondent who says she misses “anything and everything”. Lanai notes that many Hollywood celebrities have close, fond connections to the Aloha State.

The conversation turns to food in Hawaii, and Bruce and Lanai remind listeners that the Lanai’s food tours are still operating. Lanai remembers the days of an open-air concourse and atrium at Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, and how the smell of plumeria there is often the first sniff of paradise that new visitors get and returning residents relish.

After a brief detour into the wonders of breadfruit, or “ulu”, our hosts talk about the reality of canceled vacations for visitors. Lanai shares a personal story of the loss of someone close during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bruce and Lanai also remind listeners that a Hawaii vacation does not have to be “canceled” because of the pandemic. They point out Hawaiian Air removing change fees to encourage travel and the hardships the local airline’s employees face in light of a new round of layoffs and furloughs.

Our newest Hawaii Vacation Connections Podcast is a deep look into what makes Hawaii such a beloved destination, and how to keep plans for a Hawaii vacation alive.