Are Hawaii Hotel Prices on the rise?

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Holiday season begins

The holiday season always begins with the Thanksgiving holiday. This year we spent it with friends at a place called Willows on Oahu. This off the beaten path and if you would like a great buffet lunch or dinner this is a perfect spot to meet and eat with Hawaii locals. It’s also great for special such as weddings occasions and weddings. Today we talk about but the great food we have and share some pictures of our favorite dishes.

Hawaii hotel prices rising

Martin, one of our twitter friends, asked about the rising cost of hotels in Hawaii. Hotel prices in Hawaii been rising over the last year with the average stay at about 200 per night. For years the hotels have been trying to raise their price points and 2012 may be the year we see this come to fruition. Prices this year are 16% higher than the same week last year. One way to still get great deals is to work with a company like ours who contracts with the hotels. Those were here in Hawaii, we can also get upgrades and special amenities for our customers.

Celebrities in Hawaii

Many folks ask us if we see a lot of celebrities because very often they see them on vacation in Hawaii. Today we talk about where celebrities stay at how accessible they are while visiting the islands. Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted here the last few days after their very public breakups.

Purikura Come to Hawaii

There’s a new craze sweeping Hawaii called Purikura. It’s a high-tech photo booth that allows you to take a picture behind a green screen and create your own fun photos. The booths have their origin in Japan where people have been using booths like this for years. You can get pretty creative with some of the graphics and have a lot of fun with this high-tech version of the old-fashioned phone booth.