Aqua Hotels – Ilikai Hotel & Suites Reviewed

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  • Props to Aqua Hotels and Terry Dowsett from the Ilikai Hotel

    The Aqua Ilikai & Suites new manager, Terry Dowsett has had the property for awhile and you can see the transformation. His touches are most recently seen in the lobby where they have beautiful aqua sconces and the greeting area has a new boutique feel which includes a flat screen TV showing re-runs of Hawaii Five-0 episodes.

    Terry also shared with me that one of the owners at the property, a retired horticulturist actually takes care of the plants in the lobby and common areas throughout the property. A lot of attention to detail is taking place all over the property and I love it!!.

    The Hotel consists of the 4 highest floors in the building. You can get rooms on the harbor side or the lagoon side, the harbor side has a more open view of the pacific, the lagoon view looks toward the Hilton. The Rooms are spacious, in fact, I would say these are the largest rooms in Waikiki certainly for the money at almost 500 square feet!

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