Do All Inclusive Hawaii vacations really exist?

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Aloha Bruce is talking about going to All Inclusive Hawaii on this Tuesday, June 28, 2022, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. Hawaii Aloha Travel receives daily inquiries and requests regarding an all-inclusive Hawaii vacation, and Bruce will break down what that actually means.

First up is a rundown of recent Hawaii vacation news, including Norwegian Cruise Lines canceling some reservations on a weekly cruise due to limited capacity (50%). “I think that just makes for a more intimate experience,” Bruce says of the half-capacity policy at NCL. “You have more space.”

Hawaiian Ranch near Oprah Winfrey’s ranch in Kula Maui is selling for $75 million. 3600 acres were bought for $9 million. Bruce says the property has been rezoned for residential development and notes that it was once a working cattle ranch.

Bruce also mentions a recent HAT Blog that dispels a couple of popular myths about Hawaii being the most remote islands on Earth and Mount Waiale’ale on Kauai being the “wettest spot on Earth”. Both are close to the truth but are in fact incorrect.

Bruce moves on to a Question of the Week from the Hawaii Aloha Travel Page on Facebook regarding inflation’s effect on people enjoying a Hawaii vacation. Some folks have said they have reconsidered Hawaii vacation plans due to rising costs and are exploring other destinations. “I am starting to see people getting priced out of the market like I never have before,” Bruce says. Others think a Hawaii vacation remains worth high prices.

Moving on to Hawaii all-inclusive vacations, Bruce says the buzzword is “all over the place” and mentions destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Bruce explains that “all-inclusive” often includes food and meals.

Bruce goes on to explain why all-inclusive vacations in other destinations are cheaper. He also notes that Hawaii Aloha Travel offers Hawaii all-inclusive packages, but that they are not at all-inclusive Hawaii resorts.

“There’s no such thing as an all-inclusive resort in Hawaii,” Bruce says. “But I can tell you that for the last 22 years or so, we’ve been booking All-inclusive Hawaii vacations.” He also notes that some competitors mislead visitors about the nature of “all-inclusive”. He goes on to note some of the features of HAT’s All Inclusive Hawaii packages and that there are no surprises with them.

“There’s a difference between a Hawaii all-inclusive package and an all-inclusive resort,” Bruce says and notes that visitors have been overwhelmingly happy with HAT’s Hawaii all-inclusive packages. He encourages listeners to sign up for Secret Hawaii Tours, which include food, culture, and Hawaii 5-0 tours hosted by local experts.

Bruce wraps with a shout-out to listeners in Japan and Australia and encourages them to reach out with questions or comments. Mahalo!

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