7 Things that may be different on your next Hawaii Vacation

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Lanai Tabura is back with Aloha Bruce for our latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, and they describe for Hawaii visitors what will and will not change for your next Hawaii vacation. Our hosts riff on their tech usage before delving into a list of changes brought to Hawaii tourism by the Hawaii COVID-19 pandemic. Lanai reminds listeners to support local businesses because they will always be the backbone of Hawaii’s local economy.

Bruce and Lanai talk about mask usage in Hawaii, and Lanai says, “I think it will be for a long time.” They talk about a decrease in close physical contact generally, and a pulling back from the traditions of hugs and flower lei during celebrations and other community activities that are so intrinsic to Hawaii culture.

There are, however, many affordable airfares and room rates now available in Hawaii, as occupacy has bottomed out. Lanai notes that now is a great time to book when you have the option to cancel or reschedule without penalty.

Bruce says that he thinks a Hawaii vacation will become much more affordable in the future, as he and Lanai talk about the changes underway at properties throughout the Aloha State. “It’s pretty much completely touchless”, Bruce says. Lanai is certain that the Aloha Spirit will not change in Hawaii. Bruce agrees that it will continue to attract visitors even during difficult times. The beauty of the islands remain, as does the unique multicultural fabric of life in Hawaii.

Of course, Lanai talks about his insight into Hawaii dining and shares his experience with friends in Hawaii’s restaurant industry. He remains certain that Hawaii food culture won’t change much despite the current global upheaval. The food culture in Hawaii is world-renowned.

Bruce and Lanai also talk about the natural environment in Hawaii thriving while traffic at various locations has dwindled during the pandemic. Both remain optimistic about the future and confident that the Aloha Spirit remains strong throughout the Aloha State. They’re the experts!