The busy Hawaii Holiday season has arrived | News you can use | Hawaiian Gift Ideas

This Monday, November 22, 2021 Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast has Aloha Bruce discussing the latest developments in Hawaii vacation news, some listener questions, and some excellent holiday gift ideas from Hawaii as the busy Hawaii holiday season arrives.

Bruce starts out by noting that Hawaii Holiday visitor arrivals surpassed 36,000 on this past Saturday alone. He breaks down destination rates on all islands, noting that 27,000 of those arrivals were vaccinated, with most of the balance presenting negative COVID tests.

Our host also notes a comment from a colleague that US airports are hectic right now, and he suggests that Hawaii’s Safe Travels website is the easiest way to navigate Hawaii’s travel restrictions and requirements.

Bruce moves on to discuss his plans to rediscover Hawaii and offer restaurant reviews, and he begins with the popular 53 By the Sea. It is a high-end fine dining restaurant, but the quality of the food and service were worth it (Bruce was quite impressed with the braised short rib offering). “Cooked to perfection!” He also notes the dishes enjoyed by Aloha Yaling and their dining companions.

Bruce then answers a query from Canadian podcast listener “Rachel”, who is planning a 14-day Hawaii honeymoon. She was curious about which islands to visit and other common concerns Hawaii visitors often have. Bruce suggested the Big Island and Kauai for the contrast the two islands offer. He offers some details of the booking process and the back-and-forth that resulted in changing plans and adding a stay on Maui.

While suggestions from friends may be helpful, Bruce notes that working with a seasoned vacation planning professional is preferable and more reliable than going on a “word of mouth” recommendation. “That’s what we’re here for!”

Another question Hawaii Aloha Travel often receives is a complete breakdown of the charges included in a Hawaii holiday package. Booking with professionals means having access to wholesale prices. “I’m always about the price,” Bruce says. “I want you to get the best deal!” He also mentions Costco travel offers and how HAT can often match or beat their price.

Bruce moves on to talk about Hawaii Holiday gift ideas to bring back from a Hawaii vacation. He mentions “ohana” (“family”) signs, Hawaiian bamboo cutting boards, Hawaii shave ice machines, and other gift ideas that will always remind you of Hawaii.

Aloha Bruce suggests “Adopt a Honu” programs that help to protect and preserve Hawaii’s green sea turtle population, and allows for tracking the movements of individual animals online. He also mentions “tiki” tumblers for drinks, local Hawaiian jewelry choices, and a pineapple-shaped koa wood bowl he highly recommends. Reach out to us for details!