Tips on Vacation Rentals in Hawaii

With cohosts, Yaling Fisher and Lanai Tabura hard at work on other projects as Hawaii reopens to tourism, Aloha Bruce is solo for this latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast that features tips on vacation rentals in Hawaii. Bruce offers a shoutout to people who have been with Hawaii Aloha Travel from the beginning two decades ago and says Lanai and Yaling will be back for upcoming podcasts very soon.

Bruce talks about the vacation rental properties that Hawaii Aloha Travel has “in-house”, which the company owns and operates at the Luana Waikiki. There are advantages to booking vacation rentals through HAT, Bruce says because there is no “middle-man” and clients can deal directly with him are among the Tips on Vacation Rentals in Hawaii.

Bruce explains the origins of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, and what he hopes to achieve by reaching out to potential Hawaii visitors. The podcast started in 2006, and Bruce talks about the focus of HAT to help Hawaii-bound folks plan a customized Hawaii vacation.

“We’re kind of one of the last of the Mom and Pop travel businesses in Hawaii,” says Bruce, as he talks about the passion that he, Yaling and the rest of the HAT family have for their work. He also explains the origins of the Secret Hawaii Tours and the mission to connect visitors with local guides and truly local experiences on every island.

Bruce also talks about HAT’s focus on keeping Hawaii pristine through best practices, which nowadays includes wearing a mask during the COVID-19 global pandemic. More on that on an upcoming podcast, Bruce says and reminds listeners to contact Hawaii Aloha Travel through the website and social media verticals for the best travel, vacation rental, and private tour deals in Hawaii.

As we say in Hawaiian, “A hui ho!” or “See you soon!”