Hawaii is missing you! – Most locals want visitors to return to the islands

Lanai Tabura is back in the studio with Aloha Bruce to discuss the strong desire of the people of Hawaii to “Share Aloha”, some amazing Hawaii vacation deals available now that can be booked for dates months from now, and a Hawaii COVID-19 update.

It’s a wide-ranging podcast with lots of valuable information for Hawaii visitors. Bruce notes October fares to Hawaii and mentions a booking he made for a family of four from Tulsa. Lanai mentions an available deal for a luxury property on the island of Lanai.

Bruce talks about how much the people of Hawaii are proud to be from here, and that we are always happy to talk about and share the aloha we enjoy here. Both Bruce and Lanai dispel the misconception that residents do not want visitors to return. It’s patently false, and our hosts talk about the huge number of businesses that have closed permanently because of the travel ban.

Bruce and Lanai bounce ideas for managing and regulating the island’s resources, noting that the closure of hugely popular Hanauma Bay has resulted in an incredible flourishing of the reefs and fish and wildlife in the area due to a lack of visitor traffic. Other places like Oahu’s North Shore and Neighbor Island attractions are also discussed. Bruce notes steps taken on Kauai, the Garden Island, that have kept COVID-19 manageable on the island and similar efforts at Haleakala on Maui.

Our hosts also remind listeners of the importance of travel insurance that Hawaii Aloha Travel can provide in the event that your travel plans are affected by COVID-19 or any other circumstance beyond your control. We’re here to help!