Why is Hawaii slow to open back up to Tourism?

Hawaii is a pretty liberal state politically speaking. Some would say it’s the most liberal in the nation. However, when it comes to protecting the Islands from disease, that’s another story. Hawaii is quite conservative in that department and has been in the quarantine business for decades. Case in point; the animal quarantine procedures in the islands. Just ask anyone who’s moved here with a pet or tried to bring their furbaby to the islands for a vacation. It wasn’t long ago that you would need to put your pet into quarantine for 3 months which was traumatic for owners and pets alike. It took years to make changes to that system, hopefully, it won’t be the same for the tourism quarantine. This week’s podcast focuses on reasons why Hawaii may be slower to open for tourism then a lot had hoped.

Our hosts discuss the quarantine requirement for visitor arrivals that is in place until July 31, and their hope for travel to Hawaii from overseas to resume in August. Bruce and Yaling note some of the kinds of deals available at a number of hotel and resort properties in Waikiki, and the “kama’aina rates” for Hawaii residents.

Bruce talks about the increasing reliance on high-tech in Hawaii’s tourism industry, and how your mobile device can be used for a variety of purposes on property. He also worries for hotel employees likely to lose their jobs because of such technologies, and that the hotel and resort experience could become impersonal and sterile.

But, as Bruce notes, people don’t come to Hawaii to just stay at their hotel, and Hawaii’s natural beauty will always attract visitors to Hawaii.