Vacationing in Hawaii better than Ever!

Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura talk about “Vacationing in Hawaii Better Than Ever”. Bruce begins with a little ribbing about Lanai being a local celebrity and his new podcast, which leads to a discussion about our hosts’ favorite podcasts.

Bruce says that the first visitors to return to Hawaii as the state reopens to tourism will have the advantage of empty beaches, hiking trails, and other activities. He also says that there are excellent deals for booking made for October and November. He also notes the rebooking flexibility that travel protections allow in the event that the travel ban is extended beyond June 30.

Our hosts agree that having a travel advisor for a Hawaii vacation is the best way to avoid problems. Bruce also says that Hawaii Aloha Travel offers private tours that are a better option than large group tours.

Bruce and Lanai also suggest that visitors make restaurant reservations in advance of your Hawaii vacations. Restaurants will be required to limit seating due to CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Wrapping up the podcast, Bruce and Lanai also stress the fact that one the travel ban is lifted, Hawaii visitors will be welcomed with the Aloha Spirit by the people of Hawaii. “It’s in our blood,” says Lanai, and he points out that most people expressing anti-tourism sentiment on social media aren’t even from Hawaii originally.