Hawaii Vacation Planning – Facebook Live Replay

In addition to our podcast, Hawaii Aloha Travel does regular vacation planning sessions on its Facebook page. These sessions are designed to help folks plan vacations to the islands and answer questions about traveling to Hawaii. The feeds happen at random times so it’s hard to catch them live but you can be notified when we do them if you become a fan of our Facebook page

Today we had a lot of questions about when we will get back to normal here in the islands. We got a lot of questions from folks to come in June and July who are concerned about restrictions and how they will affect their vacations. While it makes sense to wait, for some folks that’s simply just not possible. Reservations have been made, tickets paid for and canceling is just not an option. while this may sound crazy, the Hawaii travel quarantine has not been extended, so come June first visitors will start arriving in the islands.

We didn’t do a lot of planning but there is some helpful information that might be of interest including the latest news about re-opening and when tourism may start to come back to the islands.

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