Here’s why a Hawaii Vacation is good for your Health

Our latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast our hosts Lanai Tabura and Aloha Bruce dig deep into why a Hawaii Vacation is good for your Health

They muse about how easy it is to get “lost down the rabbit hole” when planning a Hawaii vacation and how Hawaii Aloha Travel can help you cut through the noise to plan a truly Hawaiian vacation.

Bruce and Lanai talk about a study that finds Hawaii to be among the least stressful places to live or visit anywhere. Bruce says “wellness tourism” is the fastest growing sector in the travel industry. Lanai offers his experience as a lifelong Hawaii resident and why Hawaii is “just more mellow”. Our hosts talk about the wide variety of wellness activities available to Hawaii visitors.

Lanai notes the longevity of Okinawans globally and says that Hawaii has been influenced a lot by Okinawan food. The food is another reason why a Hawaii Vacation is good for your Health Bruce mentions a study that found that people who travel are often happier and healthier than those who don’t.

Lanai mentions a “Zen Hotel” created by Larry Ellison on the island of Lanai. Both hosts discuss the various activities Hawaii Aloha Travel can help connect Hawaii visitors with. Bruce mentions that traveling in off-peak seasons is often much cheaper for “wellness” vacationers.

Bruce talks specifically about various hikes and other healthy activities that are available in Hawaii. Lanai says that when he was young, his grandmother used to insist that the children swim in the ocean every day. Both our hosts agree that swimming in the ocean is proven to reduce stress. Lanai mentions yoga retreats at Turtle Bay and on other Hawaiian islands.

Bruce suggests that if you plan an active Hawaii vacation, getting in some exercise in to prepare for your trip is always a good idea. Both hosts also note the importance of staying hydrated during an active Hawaii vacation.

Aloha Bruce mentions a special offer of a wellness hike on the Circle Island Tour available to podcast listeners and encourages listeners to connect with Hawaii Aloha Travel through its website and social media accounts. Be well!