Spending the weekend on Kauai

The newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast focuses on host Lanai Tabura’s recent weekend on Kauai. He and Aloha Bruce discuss hidden gems for accommodations and dining on the beautiful Garden Isle and offer their insight into destinations only those with local knowledge can describe.

Lanai notes that Kauai is home to the wettest spot on Earth, Mount Waialeale, and that rainfall on Kauai is responsible for the spectacular Waimea Canyon (Hawaii’s Grand Canyon), the Wailua River, and the countless streaming waterfalls to be found on Kauai. He reminds listeners that Waialeale, the “wettest spot on Earth” is isolated and that most of Kauai enjoy sunshine year-round.

Our hosts note that the airport in Lihue on Kauai is easy to navigate, and how close it is to many of Kauai’s most popular attractions (and hidden gems) which is perfect for a weekend on Kauai. They also tell listeners how to find them.

Among the establishments discussed are the Lava Lava Restaurant at the Kauai Shores and the Tip Top Motel, Café & Bakery, which has been open for more than one hundred years. It’s famous for its pancakes and oxtail soup. Lanai talks about Hamura Saimin and its legendary saimin recipe. What follows is a discussion on the difference between saimin and ramen, which for foodies is significant. Lanai also recommends the oxtail soup there, which no one would know about if they didn’t know someone who told them about it.
Lanai stayed at the newly re-branded Sheraton property, which he says is home to live music and seems to host as many locals as it does visitors. Its location is near the shopping mecca of Coconut Grove perfect for a weekend on Kauai and many of Kauai’s most lauded attractions, including Kapaa. Lanai notes that the property is kid-friendly, and the best place to view the sunrise on the Garden Isle.

With their typical witty rapport and expert insight into vacationing on Kauai, Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura offer their unique knowledge in this latest podcast. Tune in or live stream the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast and contact Hawaii Aloha Travel to get the kind of insider scoop that makes planning a trip to the Garden Isle easy.