James Asquith Visits Hawaii Part 1

On our newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, we welcome James Asquith, the Guinness Book of World Records’ youngest person to visit all 196 of the world’s countries. He began his travels at the age of 18 and completed the remarkable achievement when he touched down in Micronesia in July of 2013. Few people will ever accomplish in a lifetime what he did by the age of 24.
We’ll be talking about his travels as he shares his unique, expert insight about all things travel-related. We’ll find out why he is here in Hawaii, and how the Aloha State compares to other popular vacation destinations he’s visited.

Asquith is also the creator of the award-winning Holiday Swap app. It’s an innovative way for travelers from around the world to connect and swap accommodations with other like-minded vacationers. Holiday Swap is used in more than 100 countries. He’ll share how the app has opened up travel opportunities for thousands around the world. He wrote about his travels in his book Breaking Borders, which was received with popular and critical acclaim. A graduate of the London School of Economics, Asquith is also a successful banker.

James Asquith has also made international headlines by giving away his travel miles, or Avios Points, to some of his nearly 500,000 Instagram followers. We’ll talk about what inspired his travels, and how he financed them. His 5-year odyssey to visit each country on earth cost a total of just over $200,000. His ingenuity and ability to improvise when traveling makes him a leading expert in the field.

Join the Hawaii Vacation Connect as we talk with Mr. Asquith about his tips for travelers, and how he is driven to inspire people the world over to discover the wonders of adventure.