Maui Road Tripping

On today’s Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura will be talking about two spectacular scenic drives on Maui that are hugely popular with visitors: Haleakala Crater and the Road to Hana. We’ll offer tips on the places along those drives that are ideal for photos, stopping for a bite to eat, or to just take in the sheer natural beauty of the Valley Isle.

There are a few things that should be considered by visitors looking to make the world-famous journeys to the summit of Halekala Crater and the impossibly twisting and turning Road to Hana. It takes more than a tankful of gas and a camera to get the most out of making those legendarily beautiful drives. We’ll talk about how to stay safe on the roads, as both the Haleakala Summit and Road to Hana each pose unique challenges and very real safety hazards.

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The 52-mile Road to Hana is 2-4 hours from Kahului. That may be an easy commute for some mailand visitors, but with 600 sharp switchbacks (many of them blind turns) and 56 narrow bridges it requires exceptional concentration. And it will make anyone prone to carsickness, well, carsick. And the Road to Hana becomes truly dangerous during times of heavy rains and high winds, when rockslides that close the road are not uncommon. For much of the way to Hana, the road hugs precipitous cliffs that plunge hundreds of feet to the rocks and ocean below.

Likewise, the drive to the summit of Haleakala is fraught with its own challenges. Steep grades, multiple blind switchbacks and packs of bicycle tours require careful concentration and common sense. Visitors are advised not to take either road at night.
The Road to Hana and to Haleakala Crater are among the most scenic drives in the world. The drives themselves are worth the effort. Their destinations most certainly are: Haleakala’s colorful moonscapes and panoramic views and Hana’s lush greenery and tranquility are unlike any other places in the world. We’ll help you make the journey safely and experience part of Hawaii few ever venture to see.