Hawaii Whale Watching Tips

On today’s podcast, we’ll be talking about whale-watching season in Hawaii. We’re entering the peak season for whale watching. While capturing a glimpse of the gentle giants on their annual migration to Hawaii waters is no guarantee during a Hawaii vacation, there are many ways to increase your chances. We’ll offer up some Hawaii whale watching tips!

There are many ways to encounter humpback whales during the months-long calving and mating season. We’ll talk about the myriad whale-watching boat tours throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Being out on the water with them is probably the surest way to find them. There are laws in place to protect the visiting leviathans, although they were recently designated as a species of “least concern”, which is great news for a species that was listed as “endangered”. It remains vital that laws protecting the whales remain in place, and for visitors and tour operators to give them space.

Fortunately, you don’t need to shell out your vacation dollars on a trip to sea that may turn up empty for whale sightings. The are ideal locations on every Hawaiian island that offer wonderful views of the humpbacks and their calves as they slowly make their journey. There are swimming and snorkeling locations where ocean-goers may even be able to hear the whales’ ethereal calls underwater.

We’ll talk about how important the humpback whales’ annual Hawaii migration is to Hawaii’s tourism economy, and how Hawaii has been a big part of efforts to preserve and protect them. 2018’s annual humpback whale count actually dropped from the year before.
We’ve been watching whales in Hawaii for a long time. We’ll fill you in on the best public spaces to witness their stay Hawaii waters. Join our podcast if you’re looking for the best way to encounter one of Hawaii’s most amazing natural spectacles.