Frequently Asked Questions about Hawaii Vacations

On today’s podcast, we’ll be talking about and answering some of the most frequently asked questions visitors about Hawaii Vacations. Certainly, it’s not as simple as booking flight and a room. And when it comes to planning a Hawaii vacation, there are no dumb questions! The best way to ensure a wonderful Hawaii vacation is to ask the expert questions and avoid uncertainty.
Some of the questions include:

How much will a Hawaii vacation cost? (It depends on what you want from it.)
Will I need a passport? (For US citizens, no, unless you plan on leaving the US – Hawaii has been a US state since 1959. International travelers do need a passport for entry into the US.)
Do you need your middle name on your plane tickets?
Can you travel between islands by bridge or boat?
How much do various activities cost, like snorkeling, luau’s, trolley rides, and Circle Island? (These and other activities are available in a fairly wide price range.)
How do I get tickets for a Pearl Harbor tour? (It’s not as easy as you might think.)
Is Honolulu on the Big Island? (No. You’d be surprised how often that question gets asked.)

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Aloha Bruce and celebrity Hawaii comedian Lanai Tabura will share expertise about these and many other frequently asked questions about a Hawaii vacations. There are so many options and activities to enjoy in these islands that it’s easy to become overwhelmed when planning a Hawaii vacation. Let us help you navigate those options and offer suggestions and tips that only those with extensive local knowledge can provide. Join us!