Tips for Planning Your Hawaii Vacation

We’ll be talking about important details for planning a Hawaii vacation on this edition of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. There is so much to do in the Aloha State that it can be challenging for first-time visitors to get the most out of a trip to paradise.

It’s easy to wind up in a rabbit hole of clicks and links when planning a Hawaii vacation. Hawaii Aloha Travel’s Bruce Fisher and beloved Hawaii host and showman Lanai Tabura have the experience and local knowledge to help you create the ideal Hawaii vacation experience you’re after. It might be a weekend getaway to the Gold Coast of Poipu on Kauai or a safari into the wilds of Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island that you’re after. Is it a destination wedding? Maybe it’s a sport-fishing expedition off Oahu or a helicopter whale-watching tour over the waters of Maui. It could be an excursion to some of the nearly countless film and television productions to which the islands of Hawaii are home (like our exclusive Hawaii 5-0 tour!). It might be a high school reunion or annual golf club outing. We know how important it is to get the most from your vacation dollars and how challenging it can be to coordinate large groups.

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Get Help Planning Your Trip

On our Hawaii Vacations Connection Podcast this week we’ll talk about how to figure out what you want from your Hawaii vacation, and about how we can help you make it happen. Join us as we share our unique and helpful insight into planning your Hawaii vacation. Bruce and Lanai are keen to help you plan the perfect Hawaii vacation. We’ll share our knowledge, experience, and Aloha Spirit. And we’ll be happy to have you along!

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