Small towns to Visit in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to many world-famous destinations and attractions. Waikiki. Pearl Harbor. Volcanoes National Park and the Kona Coast on the Big Island. Haleakala and whale-watching on Maui. Waimea Canyon and Poipu on Kauai. All are spectacular in their unique way.
A quintessential part of a Hawaii vacation, however, is to experience the small Hawaii communities that give this place its true character, an essence that can’t be found in a brochure or social media post. It’s in these communities where the people of Hawaii live and work, and where the true Aloha Spirit thrives.

We’ll be talking about the charms of tiny Lanai City, population just over 3,000. We’ll discuss the whaling history of Lahaina, Maui and the uniqueness of Paia in Upcountry Maui. We’ll discuss the historical significance of sleepy Hawi on the Big Island (pop. About 100), birthplace of King Kamehameha the Great. We’ll get to Haleiwa on Oahu, the international surfing community’s Mecca. We’ll tell you why you should get to Koloa and Waimea Town on Kauai.

There is a great deal to see and experience in Hawaii that most visitors already know about. Even a two-week vacation might not be enough to take in all of the major attractions. And while Hawaii’s most popular destinations are famous for a reason, Hawaii’s hamlets and longstanding small towns are key to finding the true essence of the Aloha State.

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We’re here to help Hawaii visitors find the “hidden Hawaii,” where locals go about their day-to-day lives far from the shimmering veneer of the tourism industry. Yes, a Mai Tai on the beach in Waikiki is a major part of the Hawaii experience. But so is a drive into the countryside that surrounds Hawaii’s most famous destinations.
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