Hawaii Hotel and Airfare Deals

Typically, around this time of year (September and October), we see some Hawaii Hotel and Airfare deals including cheap airfares that can help save you lots of money on your vacation. One of the reasons is because Hotels typically renew their wholesale contracts during this time and want to encourage advance bookings. What are wholesale contracts you may be wondering? These are deals the hotels and airlines negotiate with big travel companies at a fixed price in return for guaranteed sales. We use these wholesalers to book your vacation to Hawaii.

Now it’s the best time to take advantage of this pricing. It’ s also one of the slowest time of year for these advance bookings so If you’re looking for some great deals for you Hawaii Vacation next year now’s the time to book. Plan ahead and save is a pretty good “rule of thumb” to follow if you planning a vacation to the islands.

On today’s podcast we bring you some of the savings we’re finding from our wholesalers. We share deals from hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton and Marriott. Many of these deals can give you up to 30% off, free nights and inclusions like meal credits and cars!

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