Keeping it local on your Hawaii Vacation

“Keeping it local” has been a popular mantra for years in the islands because keeping vacation dollars in our local economy is the cornerstone of our survival here. Tourism is our #1 money maker. On today’s Podcast we’ll talk about the importance of supporting local businesses on your Hawaii vacation. And we’ll offer up some of the places to find the hidden gems you might not discover when researching your Hawaii vacation.

It’s not surprising that with the expansion of a shared economy, an increasing number of travelers are seek truly local experiences. Travel apps, Airbnb, Uber and Turo are just a few of the many ways visitors are bypassing traditional travel conventions to connect directly with Hawaii residents and businesses. This opens up a wide variety of choices that in the past were otherwise unavailable to consumers, or at least difficult to find.

While some of the new tools work well, very often these platforms rely on reviews and star ratings which are designed to filter out the best results. This is great for established companies, but often missing in the results are new and trending local hot spots that have yet to gain traction on those platforms. New, “up and coming” or local Mom-and-Pop operations that simply don’t participate in the shared economy go unnoticed, and these are some of the best places!!

Enjoy today’s podcast. It will help cut thought e-clutter and help you “keep it local” when you’re in Hawaii. You can always just reach out to usAlohaBruce. We are happy to help!