Personal, Special event & Wedding Photo tips for Hawaii

So, you’re coming to Hawaii and you want to get great pictures, right? If you’re like most folks these days you’ve got your smart phone and/or camera, possibly a selfie stick and other gadgets to capture every moment, but now what? Where are the best places for photos? What things should you know before clicking? How about weddings or Special events?

Today we check in with our good friend Jeanne Marie Kavanaugh, an accomplished professional photographer in Hawaii. She Specializes in Weddings, portraits and special events in the islands. She shares some basic tips for amateurs about how to get the best photos when visiting the islands and ideas for how to hire a professional for weddings and other important events. This short primer will help get you prepared so you can start thinking about what you’ll need to do to capture beautiful shots in t Hawaii. Jeanne offers tips to make the most of your technology, and of the stunning natural beauty Hawaii has to offer.

Weather conditions often change quickly in Hawaii. Knowing how best to capture the optimum lighting and angles of Hawaii’s beaches, natural areas, and historic landmarks will help make your Hawaii vacation album photos come alive for many years to come.

If you’re a pro or an avid amateur, you probably know a lot of this, but we also cover some locations you don’t want to miss! Jeanne Marie’s Hawaii photography primer offers the kind of insight and instruction that can only come from Hawaii’s most experienced and respected professional photographers.

To learn more about Jeanne Marie and to hire her professionally, check out her website