Booking Muti-Island and Complicated Hawaii Vacation Itineraries

Booking a multi Island Hawaii vacation or an itinerary that has a lot of complications can be a daunting task. The good news is that there’s things you can do to make the process easier. On today’s podcast I give you some tips about how to start the process and what you need to know put together a plan that suits your needs the best.

Of course you have to decide which island to visit, how long to spend on each island and appropriate dates but that’s just the beginning. If you don’t know exactly what each island has to offer the only option most people have is to spend hours on end online “researching”. If you’ve started to do this I’m sure you’ll agree, the web is information overload and sometimes hard to even get started.

Complicated itineraries when people are traveling from different destinations is also challenging. How do you make sure that everybody gets to the islands so you can get to the hotel without having to wait hours for somebody to arrive? Perhaps you want to have connections on the mainland with other people so you travel directly to the islands in a group; These itineraries can get extremely tricky. And of course you also want to save money!! What happens if someone in your party has special needs? or if this is a special occasion, wedding or Honeymoon? Oh my!!

Help is on the way, listen to this weeks podcast or cut the chase and give me a call!!