Hawaii Vacation Etiquette – Things NOT to do in Hawaii

You’ve heard the old saying “When in Rome do as the Romans” well, this also applies to Hawaii.

While you mostly hear us talk about things you should do in Hawaii,  today we remind you about some of the things that bug locals about people visiting the islands which you should not do on your Hawaiian vacation. Making sure you respect the culture here (or anywhere you go)  is important. If you have unrealistic expectations about how things are done here differently than on the mainland,   your vacation could get off on the wrong foot and even be ruined!  Most people are very tolerant and appreciative  of our visitors however,  it’s to your benefit to understand a few things that will help you when your visiting the islands.

From taking your shoes off in homes,  to remembering not to turn your back on the ocean we’ll get you prepared to have a stress free vacation.