Tips for traveling to Lanai

Today I offer up a few tips about traveling to Lanai. A few days ago I was treated to a overnight stay so I wanted to share my thoughts with you while it’s fresh in my mind. It’s been few years since I’ve been over there, so I was excited to see some of the changes that I’ve been hearing about since the new owner Larry Ellison has taken control.

As you an imagine, the island is spectacular and something I highly recommend you put on your bucket list. Granted, it’s pricey, but well worth it if you’re looking for that once in a lifetime experience. From the delicious local food to the majestic hikes this tiny island really does have it all! In fact I think it’s safe to say that if you just went to Lanai and no other island, you’d be completely satisfied and not feel you missed a thing.

Enjoy the show and If you’d like to learn more please check out my experience on our blog and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy this special place someday. traveling to lanai